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Nov. 3rd, 2008 @ 10:57 pm Hello world 2.0
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abandon all hop ye who enter here.

I think I may have died some time today and I must have lead an evil life as tonight I find myself in the depths of HTMhell!
I've found a computer is a very dumb animal. It does exactly what it's told without question or interpenetration and on the rare event that it does do what I want it comes through the wrong size, colour or shape. I love computers and technology when they do what I want them to in a nice and timely way. vector illustration is one of my true loves and photo manipulation too. even digital animation (although tedious at times) is very rewarding.

HTML on the other hand is like pulling teeth with a pair of rusty tweezers. I find myself working very hard to change the colour of text. I'm still very much luring my way around the wonderful world of the internet 2.0 and Redbubble has been an excellent shallow end for me to dip my toes in. I've mostly been lurking but I guess now is the time to dive in and sink or swim. tommorow I'm going to tackle bubble sites.

Personal flotation devices.

Facebook, Why Marketers Should Pay Attention To It
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