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Jul. 5th, 2008 @ 11:31 pm Ink Rain with a new begining.
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Who's the what?

In case you were wondering I've renamed my Live Journal from "Dishlexicman" to "inkrain".
I've been planing to use this blog to as an artist blog, Link it to my website with RSS and use it as a bit of an events diary as well as my Facebook and Myspace pages.

What's with the icon?

The icon is my new Ink Rain logo. I've been redesigning the logo to be adaptable, scalable and more animate able.
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Here's the flier for the overflow

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Date:July 6th, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
(Corect my spelling) (Thread)
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Date:July 7th, 2008 05:32 am (UTC)
Hey, nice stuff.
I just updated my list of LJ contacts and noticed you'd friended me. Well, thank you! I was just wondering how you found my journal and how it could possibly be interesting to anyone who isn't me ^_^
(Corect my spelling) (Thread)
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Date:July 8th, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
Good Luck. I'm in London at the moment and plan on mailing you a certain set of keys when I have more than two pence to my name.
(Corect my spelling) (Thread)